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Benefit Cosmetics

I worked at Benefit Cosmetics from 2015 to 2021, starting out as a freelancer on the Global Digital team and eventually becoming a Senior Designer on the Global Creative Services team. As one of three designers on the GCS team, I’ve worked with nearly every department across the Benefit brand and on most if not all of the customer facing aspects of our service, such as in-store visual merchandising, influencer marketing promotional packages, gift & accessory production, educational materials, PR event branding, email blasts and social media strategy.

I've included several projects from my 6 year tenure with Benefit below.

Browzam Pinball Promotional Send

Gift to beauty influencers across the globe to introduce the launch of Benefit’s eyebrow product line.

Holiday 2018 Gift Boxes

Gift boxes to support Benefit’s 2018 holiday campaign: Seasons Treatings! Paired with the collectable holiday cake tins, the stacked boxes were meant to resemble a tiered cake with each box being it’s own slice.

Hello Happy Launch Event

Happy House full immersive interactive experience in Shanghai, to support the Launch of Benefit’s new foundation, Hello Happy! A bubble ball bathtub in the bathroom, trampoline beds in the bedrooms, a happy kitchen where even the toast has a happy face.

Miscellaneous Projects
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